How Big Are Movie Files On The Pirate Bay?

The Pirate Bay is the world’s most famous torrent site. It’s also the world’s largest distributor of media files that are often copyrighted and therefore illegal to share. As such, users of The Pirate Bay have access to a lot of movies, TV shows, and other video content, but they must be careful not to download any movie files that are too big.

You see, large file sizes mean high-resolution video with excellent sound quality and HD resolution. Smaller file sizes mean low-resolution video with poor audio quality and SD resolution.

What Is The Ideal Size For Movie Files?

The biggest movie files are upwards of 50GB. That’s huge! No wonder pirates are sometimes wary of downloading movie files that size. As such, the ideal file size is around 2GB. Anything between 1GB and 2GB is excellent for most users.

It’s rare to find huge movie files on The Pirate Bay. But it does happen. So if you’re looking for a good site to download large files, these are some of the best.

Why Are Movies So Big In General?

In general, the larger a movie file is, the better it is. The audio and video quality of a movie file is directly proportional to the file size. The more space a file takes up on a computer, the better the quality of that file is. A few reasons why a movie file would be so large are the following:

– The movie is unedited and in HD resolution.

– The movie is in 3D or 4K format.

– The movie is in HDR (High Dynamic Range).

– The movie is long.

– The movie is in a foreign language.

– The movie has extra features and bonus content.

How To Find Smaller Movie Files On TPB

If you’re looking for a small file to download from The Pirate Bay, you have a few options. The first thing to do is to sort movies by file size. This will show you all of the small movie files available for download on the site.

Another thing you can do is filter movies by resolution. This will show you movies in low resolution as well as movies in high resolution. Finally, you can also filter movies by release date. This will show you the newest additions to the site as well as the oldest.


Hopefully, you now understand how big the movie files are on The Pirate Bay. If you’re looking for a small file, you can sort by file size to find the smallest files available. If you want a high-quality file, you can filter movies by resolution.

If you want a high-quality file, you can filter movies by release date to see the newest additions to the site. And if you want a long movie, you can filter movies by length to find the longest movies available.